Lint Codes


Below are the lint codes that are used by the lint Pegleg CLI command.


  • P001 - Document has storagePolicy cleartext (expected is encrypted) yet its schema is a mandatory encrypted type.

    Where mandatory encrypted schema type is one of:

    • deckhand/CertificateAuthorityKey/v1

    • deckhand/CertificateKey/v1

    • deckhand/Passphrase/v1

    • deckhand/PrivateKey/v1

    See the Deckhand Utility Document Kinds documentation for more information.

  • P003 - All repos contain expected directories.

  • P004 - Duplicate Deckhand DataSchema document detected.

  • P005 - Deckhand rendering exception.

  • P006 - YAML file missing document header (---).

  • P007 - YAML file is not valid YAML.

  • P008 - Document metadata.layeringDefinition.layer does not match its location in the site manifests tree (e.g. document with site layer should be found in folder named site).

  • P009 - Document found in secrets folder in site manifests repository but doesn’t have storagePolicy: encrypted set.

  • P010 - Site folder in manifests repository is missing site-definition.yaml

  • P011 - site-definition.yaml failed Pegleg schema validation.